I’ve written in several genres, but my dream remains to produce a half-decent sitcom or comedy film. My first attempt, Wannabe, got to the final round of commissioning at the BBC, but fell at the last. They offered me a treatment fee for a second one (Dear Me, about a 34-year-old man haunted by his 14-year-old self), but declined to take it up. After a few years off to write Slacker Cats and my last blog, I was approached by a respected production company to write a third, The Science of Attraction, but the TV people said no to that one too. My fourth, Exclusive!, got the thumbs-down in early 2016. I’m in the process of turning it into a movie for Hazey Jane Films.

Wannabe: Cold Feet

Episode two of my first sitcom. Still think this is one of the best things I’ve written.


Wannabe: Til Death Do Us Part

Episode five of the same sitcom. Seems long, but a read-through by the estimable folks at London Comedy Writers came in at 31 minutes.


Dear Me

Excerpt from episode 3. It was rejected on the basis that sitcoms cannot be principally or even partly about children or teenagers. Outnumbered began the following year on BBC1; The Inbetweeners started on E4 in 2008.


The Science of Attraction

Episode one. Quite pleased with this one too. Rejected on the basis that one of the minor characters was American.