Bregrets, I’ve found a few

Statue facepalm

It takes courage to admit that you were wrong. As Leave’s lies unravel, more and more Brexit voters are showing it

Statue facepalmOn 23rd June 2016, 17,410,742 people voted for the UK to end its 43-year membership of the European Union. They did so after a Leave campaign chock full of lies, distortions and scare tactics, many of which have been exposed as such in the days since the referendum.

Many stand by their vote. It takes courage to admit that you were wrong. But as the promises unravel, more and more Brexiters are seeing the error of their ways and publicly switching sides. I’ll be keeping track of them here.

Bit harsh on yourself there, Leila – you’re far from alone. Many others have struggled with the idea that so many tabloid newspaper journalists and politicians could lie so brazenly, and so clearly contrary to the interests of the country, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this is what’s been happening.

Welcome aboard the good ship Remain, Peter’s friend.

Twitter bio: voted Leave, now anti-Brexit

Like a reformed smoker, Michael’s now quite the virulent anti-Brexit campaigner.

Good on you, Hugh.

The Brexit headbangers would have us believe that support for Remain is waning. That really doesn’t seem to be the picture these tweets are painting.

There’s no need to be afraid of mockery from Remain voters if you’re thinking of admitting your Leave vote might have been a mistake. We all voted on the basis of very poor-quality information.

Seems Loz triggered a mini-avalanche of contrition. Sign him up, Best for Britain.

Not exactly a full-throated recantation from Gordon, but it’s another vote in the bag.

Aaand two more recruits, courtesy of Kristian.

It was almost certainly in your top three, Beth, but I won’t press the point.

This Leave voter is pretty upfront about her reasons for flip-flopping. And I imagine a fair few of these 4 million fellows might well vote differently in a second referendum – or at the very least abstain.

According to this study, the number of people who regretted voting Leave was already greater than the margin of victory for Leave – and that was in October 2016. As the scale of the task facing the UK government and its rank unfitness to undertake it become ever clearer, that number can only have risen.

There are doubtless hundreds more examples – this was all I was able to pull together in an hour or so. Feel free to send me any more Bregretters you may find (after thanking them for their courage and honesty, natch). The case for a second referendum – or, preferably, a simple retraction of article 50 – grows stronger by the day.

Bregretters found since 20/9/17

I may have made a rod for my own back here. Mind you, I’ll take a rod up the tradesman’s if it stops Brexit.

19 down. Only 599,982 to go …